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Fri, Apr 7, 2017


Tea is consumed differently around the world, with each country having its own essence or flavor specialty. It does not matter, if you live in a hot country like Sri Lanka or a cold country like Russia. Tea can be found and is consumed by millions across the globe. Countries like China and Japan, place a lot of thought into tea consumption, and techniques of making the tea. One such example is the Chinese with their Gong Fu, Tea ceremony that uses only Yixing clay tea pots and Oolong Tea. People in the United Kingdom, consider Tea as a cultural native drink and can’t live without it every evening. They consume it with some snacks and pastries and have called it High Tea for many centuries. Tea is found in many European countries, in cafes and Tea houses and is given to guest, as an important welcome beverage. Ireland is considered as a high Tea consumption country. People here, consume 4 – 6 cups on a daily basis. Ireland Tea is generally stronger than English and consumed with milk or sugar on a specified point of tasting. The common brands the Irish love is Lyons and Barry’s and some Irish people love their tea infused with a lot of cream. When it comes to the Middle East Tea is considered as a luxury and consumed where there's a crowd. In other words on social gathering occasions.

    Now the Turkish have their own ranks going forward, making history in 2004 when they produced 202,500 tons of Tea that means 6.4% of the entire globe production. Tea is cultivated along the black sea coast of turkey making it a top tea market capital based country in the world. Iranians are very oriented on tradition and offer a warm welcome, with Tea at the arrival of a guess. Russia and tea go hand in hand, from as early as 1638, they are brewed in the samovar and is consumed by 82% of Russians on any given days. The Pakistani’s love their Tea and generally prefer black of green. Black and Green ( Kahwah &Sabzi). These Teas are regularly served with meals. The tea is consumed with Cardamom and pistachios. Some regions even serve a salty buttery Tibetan tea style. Known in the Kashmir area of INDOPAK a Kashmir pink tea served with almonds and cardamom and pistachios. In Myanmar, tea is called Laphet yay and lappet-yay – giant. A type of pickled tea served with roasted sesame seeds, crispy beans salty roast peanuts and deep fried garlic chips. In the Malian Cuisine Tea is served in three intervals where more sugar and milk is added on the later halves. And last but not least The United States even though they first boycotted Tea because of the British’s where huge sacks of Tea leaves were thrown off the ships into the sea to call what we now know as the Boston Tea party. With many People migrating from around the world. The United States is now joining the world with 80% of the tea consumed by them in the form of Iced Tea, Sweet Tea and Masala Tea.

Consumption Pattern Of Instant Tea Globally:

Due to the fast and quick responsive time we live in., Instant Tea is growing in consumption and is showing a habitual growth of consumption. People now go for the quick takeaways and ready-made foods and beverages than the process of preparing them from scratch.  Market growth in Instant Tea is emerging as an economic value and as an asset to Tea Making Companies. European Countries are tilting more to the healthy way of living and Instant Tea is growing ever so popular. Instant Tea mixes are available, in a variety of flavors and maintain its freshness. The USA has also been ever so popular with Instant Tea on the go. Especially for busy hub cities like New York and LA with a larger consumption of beverages for the growing cooperate world.  Even

Tea producing countries like China, Japan and India have also been implementing the use of Instant and readymade Tea’s in Asian countries, are now opting for a shorter and quicker way of making Tea. China and India are now competing over the production of Instant Tea in the Asia Pacific Market. India has now opened up many Companies that are dedicated to branding themselves on a global level. Due to vast consumption and demand for Tea, many Indians are also considering Instant Tea than Regular Tea for a quick and easy preparation.

Instant Teas We Offer:

*Note: Instant Tea mix does not require any milk or sugar or any other flavors.

Masala Tea Premix: Acknowledged for its Health and prodigious tale, Masala Tea has a mixture of spice blends from red chilies to cloves to cinnamon sticks to name a few brilliant healthy foods that boost your immune system. Ingredients like ginger also help in the throat and anticancer us elements. Good digestion with alternative stimulants has been identified on consumption of Masala Tea.

Elaichi Tea Premix: Elaichi or Cardamom Tea is well recognized for its acidity healing and maintain the PH levels in your body. This instant mix also gives a relishing spicy and savory flavor. Known for its enlightened feel good for an early morning reviving beverage. One of our high vanguard recommendations being a top supplier and manufacturer of Elaichi tea in Mumbai, Pune and other regions of Maharashtra and India.

Ginger Tea Premix: Ginger used for cooking and many herbal health benefits is widely used with its extensive preparations in the Asian market. Ginger which holds high volumes of Vitamin C and magnesium. Designed to flush toxins from your body.

Lemongrass Tea: Fever grass or Lemon Tea is an ancient know Tea flavored beverage. Feel the nutritional levels rise as this beverage contains high traces of Vitamin A, Folic acid and magnesium with a couple of Minerals that gives you the vitality and the thrust, that you need to perform your daily choirs.

C.B.Shah & Co.in Mumbai is a company that is now known as TWEAK, with India being a high source of Tea Exporting the company has proved itself a huge success and now apart from domestic commerce has made a deal, with many oversea countries including Australia, New Zeeland and UAE. Australia and the Middle East being the prime importing contenders, which pass through strict certification, before considered for packing and shifting. The company is also registered with an ISO 9001: 2008 Certification.


Our Packing Consist of the safest and non-harmful chemical substances. It is recommended to refrigerate once opened. The package is done within the company itself.

Packaging Types are as Follows:

Bulk Pack: This pack contains 20kg packed in aluminum foil bags for Bulk Consumption.

Regular Pack: Also called as barrier packs, these packs have protected the content with non-harmful material that maintains the aromatic quality of the Tea. The pack is well manufactured and avoids UV rays and sunlight from damaging the goods. The Packaging of Tea comes in 1kg.

500 Gm. Pack(Mini Pack): Theses packs are like the barrier packs only smaller in size with 500gm.The 500g pack comes in Pet Jar, with the tea freshly packed in Aluminum foil bags inside. The pack contains a small measuring spoon, which makes it easy to make 1 single cup every time.

Sachet: The pack contains 16gms of Indian Tea mix and is used widely in hotels, office pantry and homes and during Travel. The advantage of these packs is they can be carried in the pocket as well. Sachets come in a collection of 10 pouches which a consumer can use as per his convenience and consumption.




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