Tea Cultures In Different Countries

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Wed, Sep 6, 2017



India is the largest producer and exporter of tea. Although different grades and types of tea are   consumed but Indians are generally fond of strong and stimulus preparations of black tea with milk which sometime mean addition of other herbals in the name of Masala Tea. Tea with biscuits is the general norm of welcoming guests in the Indian households.


Tea is a must in Japanese life. Although both black and green tea are consumed but generally it is the green tea that average Japanese like most, because firstly they grew habit of drinking green tea from the beginning and secondly because of greater health benefits. There is a tradition called Matcha in which green tea is offered to a small group of people with some meals. Matcha is a special form of Green Tea in powder form gets infused in hot water.



Thai tea is one of the most popular types of tea, very strong in its taste. It is made by strongly-brewed red tea mixed with anise, red and yellow food colors and other spices. Thai tea is particularly consumed in Thailand and the neighboring countries and has gained popularity in Europe and America through the Thai and Vietnamese restaurants.


Russian tea tradition is iconized by its famous tea brewing pot Samovar which has mentions in the works of the great Russian authors. In this vessel a very strong, usually black tea is brewed and served in small amounts in large cups to the guests.  Because the brewed tea is too strong and bitter the guests add hot water to it to make it drinkable as per their standards. The drink is called Zavarka and is usually served with cookies or other munchables.



A very different concept of making tea, some consume it as soup.

They use a special black tea that comes from an area called Pemagul, in bricks of different shapes. They break some portion from the brick and boil it for long time. The liquor is saved and taken in small portion to be added with boiled water, yak butter and yak milk to make their tea.



In China there is a traditional way of preparing tea called Gongfu tea, generally followed in festivals and ceremonies where oolong tea is infused multiple times in boiled spring water.

It is customary to offer an open bowl with dry leaves of oolong tea to the guests to inhale its aroma. A bamboo scoop is used to measure out the tea and show the guests before pouring it slowly into the teapot. A teaspoon full is enough for a small pot. Boiled water then poured slowly into the teapot in circular motion to finish in the middle.

There are many rituals, nuances and steps involved in the process of preparation of Gongfu tea, which is finally served in cups arranged in a circle.


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