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C.B.Shah & Co. is a Mumbai, based company and has been successfully catering to the domestic ans overseas market with its Innovative and high quality Tea and Coffee products. Today TWEAK TEA AND COFFEE has become more than just a household name. We have continuously strived to create the brand value by combing Quality and Innovation. Passing through stringent quality verification and certification, our products are of rich aroma and unmatched taste.Tweak Beverages is the leading Coffee Vending Machine Manufacturer, Tea Vending Machine Manufacturer in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. We provide Two Selection, Three Selection, Four Selection, Multi Option, Coin / Card Operated Vending Machines.

As long as we can have a hot beverage dispenser in your office, having a trustworthy supply of immediate Instant Tea and Coffee premix powders is a different story. Tea and coffee premixes come in dissimilar features, and it comes from different companies. Rely upon the tastes of our offices and on our budget; there are many options from where we can choose one of them. Immediate Tea and Coffee vending machine manufacturer and supplier mostly have the single brand products, and the alternatives are definite. For a wide range and variety of your drink, we want to have a trustworthy and relatively larger coffee and tea premixes supplier. Mumbai-based businesses are always resourceful, but a small local supplier can only provide suggestions you about so many varieties – a bigger supplier can only provide you a wide range of beverages to put into our Tea and Coffee vending machines.

If we like to know which premixes to order, don’t forget that immediate premixes are available in completely different types of flavors and tastes. Instant premixes suppliers can suggest you a lot of tea and coffee premixes, but you should have the knowledge of the basic varieties.

Tea – There are so many varieties available for tea premixes. Like milk and sugar tea is a particularly Indian taste, and it is the highest consuming and most common kind sold. It comes in so many varieties of tea flavors like Masala, Mint, Ginger, Cardamom or Chai Latte. These are specially flavored for different tastes. Apart from the milk and sugar based premix, we can discover black tea and lemon tea premixes, as well as Peach, Apricot, Rose, and Apple taste with most tea premixes suppliers. Mumbai-based suppliers having good stocks are quite a few in number and we need to research to find the perfect company. We are one of the best Tea Vending Machine Manufacturer in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Coffee – Coffee premixes are available in different tastes and flavors at any good coffee premixes supplier. Coffee powder has balanced the sugar, low sugar, or sugar-free according to our requirements. Vanilla and Cardamom are two most popular flavored coffees. Mocha is a classic taste which is being enjoyed in across the world. Coffee latte and general sugar milk coffee are also common. Black coffee is world’s most favorite re- energizing drink, and an essential part of any office pantry. Immediate premix powders of coffee are quite quickly available, but for special flavors like Mocha and Vanilla are available only with the larger suppliers. We are one of the best Coffee Vending Machine Manufacturer in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

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