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Assam Black Tea:

What makes TWEAK Tea special is its golden colour liquor which is the hallmark of superior Quality. It is selected from some of the finest tea estate from Assam and Blended by our experts.
We at TWEAK realize the potential of tea, not as A commodity but as a Relation Bonding Agent.
100% Pure Assam Black Tea. We are one of the best Assam Black Tea Manufacturer, Assam Black Tea Supplier and Low cost Black Tea Supplier.

We are well-known manufacturer and supplier of an effective range of Assam Black Tea that is of larger quality. Available in various sizes and grade, our ranges of Assam tea is pure and have high nutritional value. With the help of our specialists, we offer Assam Black Tea to our clients. The offered black tea is processed using high technology under the guidance of skilled specialists. Moreover, this black tea is recognized by the clients due to its purity. Our offered Assam Black Tea is full of energy and gives pleasant mood to the client.

Assam Black Tea is special because it is specially sourced from the Upper Assam Gardens and produced using the rarest and the best tea leaves of Assam. Tea specialists experience a lot of rigour to guarantee that only the best, freshest and juiciest tea leaves from a thousand go into each pack. It offers you a strong taste, rich color and pleasant fragrance.
There are varieties of ways to drink black tea, for example, the hot drinks such as royal tea, Ceylon tea, and English tea. And the cold drinks such as, ice-tea, jasmine tea, mint tea and ice cream tea. But the most basic one that can best embody the true taste and Assam Black Tea is the pure black tea and black tea with milk. Tea is ideal. Sweet Black Tea and warm, rich in protein, can help digestion, fill the body, to make the body strong.

Assam Tea is properly quality checked on various factors. Our products are available with us at markets reasonable rates. We are a well-known organization in the industry to provide our consumers the best quality array of Assam Tea.

If your day starts with a cup of strong and aromatic tea the chances are high that it is Assam tea, which is a favorite of millions for its body, briskness, malty flavor and strong and bright color. Hey, don’t get dizzy by these strange terminologies describing the world’s most selling tea type. They are used by the tea testers to describe the type or grade in short and complete terms but I am sure you, being a regular tea drinker will love to learn a thing or two about your favorite breakfast tea. Body of tea generally refers to strength and fullness of the tea flavor. Assam tea has a lot of body that simply means it is strong. Assam tea is brisk, which means it has a lively taste. Assam Teas have a malty flavor with a hint of honey. This implies that the tea will leave its trail of assertive tastes in your mouth. It is not the aftertaste but a change of feeling left in your mouth or on your tongue. Like grapes and wine, the taste of tea depends on where and how it is grown. Assam tea develops its distinctive tannic taste because of the special nature of clay soil of the Brahmaputra valleys, rich with flood borne nutrients and the lengthy growing season extended from hot and humid climate with heavy rainfall to cold of winter. This unique combination also makes this region the highest tea producer in the world. Assam tea is mostly black tea, the fully fermented type, comes in two kinds – orthodox and CTC. The orthodox tea is the whole leaf tea produced using the conventional process and the CTC teas are made by the crush, tear and curl process which produces dark granular type particles. Orthodox teas are generally bright and brisk whereas CTC teas have more color and body. There are many grades of Assam tea, the highest being the orange pekoe and the lowest being the dust.

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