Instant Coffee Premix:

There is nothing like waking up in the morning with a steaming cup of coffee. With the primary constituent of Coffee,caffine acts as a stimulant keeping you awake and reducing the stress level. Needless to say it is one of the most consumed drink after water.
It’s a perfect drink for to Boost your senses. We are Exporters of Instant Coffee premix, Instant Coffee premix Manufacturer, Instant Coffee Sachet Manufacturer.

Ingredients: Sugar, Milk Solid, Instant Coffee & Chicory mix.


Nutrition Information for Coffee
Nutrition information For 100g Serving in
grams for 100ML(16g)
Energy (kcal) 400.0 64
Total Fat (gm) 2.46 0.3936
Saturated Fat (gm) 0.50 0.08
Unsaturated Fat (gm) 0.73 0.1168
Polyunsaturated Fat (gm) 1.18 0.1888
Trans Fat (gm) 0 0
Cholesterol (mg) 0 0
Sodium (mg) 123 19.68
Total Carbohydrates (gm) 84.89 13.5824
Dietary fiber (gm) 0 0
Sugar (gm) 60.0 9.6
Proteins (gm) 9.68 1.5488
Vitamin A (I.U) 379.0 60.64
Vitamin C (mg) 59.0 9.44
Calcium (mg) 296.0 47.36
Iron (mg) 0.80 0.128

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