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CTC Tea:

Tweak Beverages is the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of CTC Tea in this industry. CTC Tea is available for customers in different packaging option which is extensively used in refreshing the mood. CTC Tea is made under the guidance of experienced professionals. It is used best quality tea leaves and advanced technology. You can buy CTC Tea from us at reasonable costs.
The Tweak CTC Tea produces rich red-brown color when boiled and the aroma that would invigorate the senses! The carefully hand-picked, refined & packed Assam CTC tea is ideal for every Indian household. We are CTC Tea manufacturer in Mumbai
What makes TWEAK Tea special is its golden color which is the hallmark of superior quality. It is selected from some of the finest tea estates from Assam and blended by our experts.

100% Pure Assam Tea | Earthier Taste | Captivating Aroma
Available in 500g and 250g

Reduce stress
Natural taste
Easily available
Hygienically packed
100% Pure CTC Tea. We are one of the best CTC Tea Manufacturer in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Crush, Tear and Curl or CTC Tea Manufacturer in short is different from other tea productions. Their method does not involve rolling, but uses a cylindrical roller with a minimized high edged blade that cuts fine pieces and then curls them up to form pellets. CTC tea first started during the horizon of the second world war to increase easy packing and quantity for transporting by packing them in huge sacks. Today they can easily be packed in tea bags which in the current consumption is the most popular. The way the tea is processed in this CTC method permits more cups of tea being yielded per kilogram. This particular type of brewing induces a blunt red colour.
How do I sip it up?
While preparing CTC tea you should add about one or two tbsp as per your liking in boiled water and leave it stagnant for 3-4 mins to for the brewing process to continue. The mixture already comes pre-mixed in the case of instant with milk and processed sugar.
How Safely is Tea Processed?
CTC Tea Manufacturer begins Once the harvest is complete the leaves are withered by blowing air method. The product is always enhanced in aroma and flavor through this type of process. The next step involves oxidizing the leaves by controlling temperature and surface humidity. This method may also be considered as fermentation. The oxidization is the final product of the quality of tea. The oxidization actually starts at the rolling stage and is finally arrested at the drying stage. The tea is then assorted, in sizes such as broken, fannings, leaf and dust. Behold the CTC is finally ready for packing.
Where does CTC Tea originate?
Crush, Tear, Curl or CTC commonly referred to, is the art and science as every detail from the time to, the temperature is important to get a perfect tea blend. CTC blends normally are had by adding sugar and milk and are enjoyed serving piping hard. These CTC Tea Manufacturer has cultivated the crop that originates from the plains of Assam and West Bengal in northern and southern India.
How do you Grade CTC?
• Leaf
• Fanning
• Dust
With leaf tending to be a higher priced grades, however the difference is not much between the grades.
History of CTC
A man by the name of William Mckercher came across the process of Manufacturing CTC Tea which spread like wildfire all through the 1970’s. CTC is best designed for tea bags which is widely consumed all over the world.
Today CTC tea is in high demand in the middle east, Ireland, The united kingdom to name a few.
Benefits Of CTC Tea, Living Healthy
• Alertness Activated: CTC tea helps boost energy level and stimulates the brain and nervous system.
• Anti-Cancer Properties: CTC tea contains phenolic a high compound that is very capable of dealing with cancer causing elements by preventing its growth.
One of the top CTC tea manufacturers in India is Tweak. They like other brands like Lipton and society to name a few are high profile branded tea manufacturers that cater to the market in bulk and sachet content.
Tweak Leads in the production of instant teas and offers a variety of Tea and coffee products. Tweak since its tenure in the CTC tea market has exported and distributed its products overseas and within the country.
If you wish to enjoy an authentic and a fresh cup of CTC tea then picking tweak as your tea service provider is definitely a wiser choice. It is recommended to take the leaf category as the blend is much stronger and has a deep richness in its flavors.

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