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Instant Tea Premix:

There is nothing like waking up in the morning with a steaming cup of tea. With the primary constituent of tea acts as a stimulant keeping you awake and reducing the stress level. Needless to say it is one of the most consumed drink after water.
It’s a perfect drink for to Boost your senses. In its simplicity, tea rejuvenates your senses. And that is exactly what TWEAK Tea premix does, instantly! Quick yet flavorful blend of tea premixes can be savored in just three steps, add hot water, stir and enjoy. We are Exporters of Instant Tea premix, Instant Tea premix Manufacturer, Instant Tea Sachet Manufacturer.

100% Natural | Instant and Easy to make | Quick Convenient Consistent
Available in sachets, 500gms & 1kg

Manufacturer and Exporter of Instant Tea Premix:
100% natural
Just add hot water and your cup of tea is ready to drink
No need to add sugar, milk or tea powder.
Most convenient while traveling or for people who want their tea as per their convenience at home and office.500g pet jar packing.
Once open we recommend refrigerating the product.

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